I’m Tag (pen name) and I’m on a mission to learn about how habits work, time managenement, deliberate practice, blogging, and community building.

I love to read pop science books and this little slice of the internet is documenting my attempts at putting some of those lessons learned into practice.

As most of you have probably deduced from that last sentence I am 100% not an expert and anything written here should not be taken as advice. These posts have been created from the raw materials that were mined by hand almost exclusively from the the never ending mountains of self-help books, the internet, and my personal experiences. Let’s take note of the lack of academic research on that list as well as the fact that I’ve long since forgotten almost everything I knew about the scientific method (which, at it’s peak, was a high school level understanding).

My goals here are to share the trials and tribulations of self-improvement, learn as much as I can, build a community that’s dedicated to finding a better way, and having some laughs along the way.

If you like an article please be sure to leave a comment! They are always welcome and one the big perks of blogging.


P.S. This website is not monetized in any capacity. If/when that changes I’ll make the necessary updates.