Accountability Check

Alright, time to come clean. There has been quite a bit of tomfoolery around here and it’s time to set the record straight. Once again optimism has gotten the best of me (as it’s prone to do) and it’s time to confront the reality of my own poor decisions. Let’s review:   In “Don’t Call It … Read more

AMR: Start The Morning Right

(This is the next installment of the “Build The System” series. Please read the following posts first so you’re familiar with the concepts and terms used in this post: As covered previously, the P.M. Routine (PMR) helps you reset your environment and shut your brain down for a good night’s rest.  The … Read more


2020, true to form, rolls right along with a colossal shit-storm of an election. As of this writing, the optics aren’t good. With each passing day, more and more statistical anomalies are discovered, the legalities of recent changes to state law are being called into question, sworn affidavits of election fraud are piling up, and … Read more