Breaking Down the PMR

Your P.M. Routine (PMR) is your nightly reset.  This is you getting everything back to where it should be and shutting down your brain for the night. Last week we learned how to build the framework and then built our first pmr.  Today we’ll cover some additional action cells you may want to add after … Read more

Build the Framework

If you’re the star quarterback of the football team then your routines are your linemen.   Your routines are down in the trenches battling to control the line of scrimmage so you’re free to move the ball down field.  The linemen set the tone of the game.  They bring the heat.  They’ve got your back.  They … Read more

Expanding the Tool Chest

Two Dates fucked three times.  That’s a mnemonic device (the m is silent) and the hilarious imagery of two brown wrinkly pieces of fruit making the beast with two backs helps with recall and retention.  Let’s focus more on what a mnemonic device is and later we’ll circle back to what this one is helping … Read more

We’ll Do It Live

There’s something magic about journaling.  It brings structure to chaos.  It’s a one on one bare-knuckles brawl with your soul.  If you’re plagued by a problem or an experience that refuses to give you peace of mind then roll up your sleeves, put pen to paper, and start swinging. I’m currently banging away on the … Read more

Rally Time

There’s nothing like the country shutting down to throw a wrench into your schedule, right?  I’ve worked remotely for some time so had you asked me before the coronavirus kicked off how much the quarantine would have affected me, I would have responded with little to none.  And, for about a week, that was more … Read more