Being in Motion vs Taking Action

Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing “Motion makes you feel like you‘re getting things done. But really, you’re just preparing to get something done. When preparation becomes a form of procrastination, you need to change something. You don’t want to merely be planning. You want to be practicing.” James Clear Atomic Habits If you’re starting at … Read more

The 4 Characteristics of Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice is a framework for improvement pioneered by Anders Ericsson and his 3 + decades of researching top performers in their respective fields. In the book Peak, author’s Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool give an in-depth analysis on what deliberate practice is, what it isn’t, the research surrounding it, and the hot button issues … Read more

Psychic Entropy: What It is and How It Affects Your Life

Today we’re going to have a deeper look at the concept of ‘psychic entropy’ as introduced in Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. This post will explore the definition and effects of psychic entropy and then go over an effective strategy to help break its negative feedback loop. What is Psychic Entropy? … Read more