Expanding the Tool Chest

Two Dates fucked three times.  That’s a mnemonic device (the m is silent) and the hilarious imagery of two brown wrinkly pieces of fruit making the beast with two backs helps with recall and retention.  Let’s focus more on what a mnemonic device is and later we’ll circle back to what this one is helping … Read more

We’ll Do It Live

There’s something magic about journaling.  It brings structure to chaos.  It’s a one on one bare-knuckles brawl with your soul.  If you’re plagued by a problem or an experience that refuses to give you peace of mind then roll up your sleeves, put pen to paper, and start swinging. I’m currently banging away on the … Read more

Rally Time

There’s nothing like the country shutting down to throw a wrench into your schedule, right?  I’ve worked remotely for some time so had you asked me before the coronavirus kicked off how much the quarantine would have affected me, I would have responded with little to none.  And, for about a week, that was more … Read more